Terms of Service

Terms of Service

The following are the Terms of Service for Ages of Gaming LLC, AgesofMC/TownyAge. 


Section I


Ages of Gaming LLC (AgesofMC/TownyAge) provides a service through online server/game hosting and online digital goods. Due to the nature of our product being direct digital intangible goods, we have a strict no refund policy. Ages of Gaming LLC is not affiliated with Minecraft, Mojang, Mojang AB, and Microsoft and are not endorsed by them. Ages of Gaming LLC reserves the right to change the terms of service at any time with no warning or notice. We do attempt to provide enough notice but do not promise that we will always be able to. Access to Ages of Gaming LLC server networks, websites, and other related content is completely free of charge. Purchases are fully optional and are not required to use our services. Not every purchase is entitled to any physical or virtual good. Every purchase option is fully described on the site and in the server, it connects to. It is the user’s responsibility to fully understand the product before purchase. If you are inactive for over a year, the purchase may not be restored. The support team is available by email and the website ticket system to answer any issues regarding purchases. By purchasing from Ages of Gaming LLC you are agreeing you will not buyback, stop credit, or chargeback purchases. There is no way to refund the time it took to give you the perks or the time you had with the perks, there will be no refund granted. If you are banned or your access gets restricted because you violated terms of service or server rules, you will not be entitled to a refund. In rare cases such as billed multiple times due to technical or human errors, you are entitled to a refund. Please use proper contact methods to complete this. Rare cases like these will only be honored within the first three days of transaction and if the digital goods are not used in the game. 

By completing transactions on our systems, you agree the PayPal account or credit/debit card you use is yours and you are solely responsible for anything charged to it. By completing a transaction through our system, you agree the digital good or service you have chosen is explained fully and you understand what you are getting.
Ages of Gaming LLC reserves the right to update or change content without warning. All perks, bonuses, and services are subject to change at any moment with no warning. By purchasing you are accepting that your perk/digital goods may be changed, altered, or removed after purchase. You agree that you understand you may not get your perk/digital goods back if the network has any reset, update, or data clear. You also understand that changes in policy may lead to perk/digital goods adjustment or removal. Additionally, even in the case that user suggestions make it through the vetting process and to production, users are not entitled to compensation of any kind for the given suggestions.

Once a digital good has been purchased off our site the system verifies and processes the transaction automatically. If after an hour the system does not send out your digital goods, please submit a ticket via discord or email support@townyage.com to resolve the issue. Once digital goods are received they are marked as used and are not qualified for any return. If another user purchases something for you and you do not ask us to remove it from your account, you may be held liable in the event that the player disputes the transaction. Failure to have enough free space in your inventory at the time of the purchase will result in lost items. Please make sure you do have enough space if what you are buying requires such.


Section II

Account Authorization

Ages of Gaming LLC assumes no responsibility if your account is hacked or compromised. If you lose purchased goods due to this, we reserve the right to not reimburse lost items.


Section III

Client Security and Safety

Any and all information collected by Ages of Gaming LLC will not be disclosed or distributed to a third party unless permission is obtained from the account holder. All payments are processed via encrypted gateways and ensure that your payment details are secure. In the case of a dispute of a purchase, Ages of Gaming LLC will use information collected for the case. No information will be used or given out otherwise. Personal information is collected so that we can fulfill your order and it is never shared with any other third parties.

Any user who is found threatening another user’s safety through our systems will be removed. If a user has been determined to be in violation of client safety regulations, additional users associated may be banned at the sole discretion of the appropriate staff team, as player safety is a number one priority. Any person who seeks out official staff members outside of our communications in a way of harassment will be fully removed from our services. Anyone who is found threatening another user’s safety through our systems will be removed. Any person who seeks out official staff members outside of our communications in a way of harassment will be removed from the system. Any attempt at using a loophole to contact official staff or threaten any user will result in a full system removal and you will not be eligible for an appeal. Anyone suspected of violating the user’s safety or security of information can be removed from our services. Ages of Gaming LLC reserves the right to remove any persons who are seen as a threat to services, other clients, or other violations. There is a zero-threat tolerance which will result in full removal from our systems.


Section IV

Distribution of Content

Ages of Gaming LLC reserves the right to remove a user from our systems for attempting to sell or profit from Ages of Gaming LLC virtual goods and services. Exchanging virtual goods or services for others to purchase on our website for you are at your own risk and will not be protected by Ages of Gaming LLC. Distributing content in a negative light on such services as YouTube and Twitch also can conclude in being removed from our systems. Using Ages of Gaming LLC logos without written consent is an extreme form of terms of service violation and will not be tolerated. Ages of Gaming LLC reserves the right to remove a user from its systems for attempting to take content. This includes programs used on our systems.


Section V

Volunteer Staff Agreement

By applying for staff you agree that you are a volunteer and do not expect any payment or perks in any way. You agree that if you fail to meet requirements you will voluntarily be removed from the position. You agree that you will never give out any staff related information without permission. If you step down from staff and then give out staff related information you will be removed from our systems. By applying for staff you agree that you will not compete with the company in any way. This includes using our content for your own works.


Section VI

Ban Policy

Clients found violating terms of service or server rules may find their accounts removed from our networks. In addition, Ages of Gaming LLC reserves the right to use restrictive measures to prevent access to our networks without explanation or warning. In most cases, users may request to appeal via the discord ticket system. If you are unable to appeal via discord, you may email support@townyage.com. Appeals are a courtesy and we reserve the right to block the ability to post an appeal. Users who are suspected of violation by association may also get removed from the systems. Users who are suspected of violation with limited proof may be subjected to a temporary or permanent removal from Ages of Gaming LLC systems. Ages of Gaming LLC will not give out any refunds for getting banned. By purchasing any goods or services, you accept that if you get banned you will not get a refund on any transaction. Once a transaction is completed, the items are marked as use and are not eligible for a refund. Any user removed from the system due to a direct Terms of Service ban (TOS ban), the user must email the support team at support@townyage.com. Ages of Gaming LLC is not required to provide any evidence if it violates any client confidentiality or system processes. 


Section VII

Client agreement

Violation of any of the terms will result in termination of your account on our services. You understand and agree that Ages of Gaming LLC is not responsible for the content and actions of its members. By agreeing to these terms, you agree not to present any lawsuit or other legal challenges against Ages of Gaming LLC.