World: The Nether
-New map generation (1.16!)
-You may now claim town land in this world.
-You may now use random teleport in this world (/rtp).
Four new biomes, five new naturally spawning structures, four new mob types,
Netherite gear, so many new blocks, and all of the other 1.16 Minecraft content!


World: The End
-New map generation (Custom by TownyAge)
-You may now claim town land in this world.
-You may now use random teleport in this world (/rtp).
-The natural dragon has respawned. Will it drop another egg?
Nine new custom biomes, ten new naturally spawning structures,
altered mob spawning, and a few hidden secrets.


World: Resource
-New map generation (slightly increased ore rates).

Game Changes
A large amount of content changes focused on
expanding custom content and improving overall game play.

All game patch notes can be found in Discord.
Many more content improvements to come.

Discord Giveaways Live!
(/discord link required!)


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